About the Company

In our previous life, when we were running a Business Consulting Start-up, we always had interns from different colleges working learning & having fun with us! We loved working with students as they brought in tremendous energy and new perspectives into the company. At one point – we had so many students requesting for an internship at our company that if we had to accommodate anymore interns in our small apartment, we’d probably have to sit on each other’s lap! We thought – why not connect all these students to other companies looking for interns – we call this our Eureka thought – Twenty19 was born. Twenty19 strives to educate and enable students to learn by DOing. At Twenty19 we believe that the real learning for a student lies beyond the four walls of a classroom. Students can gain meaningful knowledge and skills only when they take initiatives and get hands on experience in the real world. This platform enables students to equip themselves in the best possible way to live their dream career.