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In today’s world wheather you are an entrepreneur managing and scaling up your own venture or a manager in an established MNC, effectively managing Human resource can be pain if you are not in line with the best practices followed in this industry. Below are some of the best HR practices which can help you plan your HR activities more effectively.

Employee rule-book:
Always draft an employee rulebook. Make sure that everyone including you know the rulebook inside out. This simple yet effective tool can save you a lot of time and effort in the time of need. Take into consideration of the employers goals and values and the employees welfare when you are preparing the rulebook.

Labour laws:
Learn the labour laws of the country you are operating. If it’s an MNC learn the labour laws of the countries your company operates. Proper knowledge of the labour laws will not only help you to manage your resources better but also help you to foresee any unwanted situations.

Be consistent about your work. Wheather it’s recruitment or payrole management, also be consistent regarding your goals, work ethics and your deadlines. A consistent mind is a more disciplined mind and hence will give you an edge in today’s fast paced and competitive work environment.

Emotional intelligence:
What many people fail to understand is Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient or EQ is as important as Intelligence Quotient or IQ. Now-a-days many top companies are training their human resources to be more emotionally intelligent or in short to be a better empath. A better EQ can help in you better conflict resolution in workspace.

Recruitment and compensation:
Always recruit candidates, who you see can deal with the stress that comes with the job, not the job itself. People may be good executives but in the long run if they can’t deliver because of the work stress and has no way of coping up with it, there is no point hiring them. Try to know the candidate at a more personal level to understand this and compensate the candidate based on your judgement on this.

By keeping in mind these simple tips you can make sure your company is keeping up with best HR practices which is essential to any organisation to hire and retain their talent.


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