About the Company

Heart Co. Ltd. was founded in May 1988. Initially, we were involved in a variety of businesses.We started the wholesale business of the importation of pesticides utilizing Kenjiro Hamashima’s (founder) experience in agrochemical business in Japan. Unlike the conservative existing agrochemical manufacturers in Japan, we expanded our business and specialized in generic pesticides on a full scale in 1993.
We are aiming to be a part of a roll that will help to reduce the production costs of Japanese agriculture, infiltrating generic pesticides into Japan, the world’s leading pesticide market.
When Keita Hamashima took over as CEO in 2009, we consolidated the management base for further advancement. Even with the difficult pesticide registration system in Japan and the world, our handling of products to be acquired and the registration one by one from 2013, we are facing a time of change for and further business expansion.
Please keep an eye on us!

Company Overview